Friday, February 24, 2017

Topps Joins Off The Baggy's Twins Offerings

When it comes to baseball cards, Topps remains the gold standard. With the 2017 Series 1 collection already released, Topps is hard at work readying plenty of new offerings to baseball fans throughout the upcoming season. The Topps Now program was a great addition to the card collecting scene a season ago, and what's in store for the season ahead should continue to be plenty exciting.

Earlier this offseason, Topps sent out thank you cards to customers that purchased Topps Now product a season ago. While it was a nice touch in and of itself, maybe the most exciting bit was that they would be unveiling "Road to Opening Day" sets. Players will be revealed for each team throughout spring training, and the set itself comes with some added perks.

Direct from Topps' website, here's some information on the Minnesota Twins Road to Opening Day set:
New to this year’s edition of Topps Now MLB are Road To Opening Day Team Sets for all 30 teams! As a purchaser of this set, you will have the chance to win Topps Now bonus cards, which are directly dependent upon the success of the 2017 Twins! Below is a list of player/team milestones that will trigger your exclusive bonus card(s) over the course of the 2017 season…
  • Twins place first in division at MLB All-Star Break
  • Twins pitcher tosses no-hitter or perfect game at any point in regular or postseason
  • Twins hitter hits for cycle at any point in regular or postseason
The first Twins player revealed was Miguel Sano, and the set will be worth watching all the way up until April 4th, at which point the sale ends and the set is printed and shipped. The 15 card set will cost $49.99 and offer fans, as noted above, a chance at bonus exclusive cards throughout the 2017 campaign.

As a reader of Off The Baggy, you have the exciting opportunity to win one of these exclusive Topps Now Minnesota Twins Opening Day sets. Topps will be providing a giveaway that I'll announce rules and entry specifications for at a later date. Should you end up not winning, or want to guarantee your set, you can purchase them directly from Topps here.

Finally, throughout the season as Twins players generate Topps Now cards through spectacular moments, you can count on Off The Baggy to bring you the news first. Working directly with Topps, Off The Baggy will have information on the upcoming card and where you can make a purchase. For all your future baseball card needs, a direct link to the Topps website has been added to the right side of the Off The Baggy page.

There should be plenty of excitement for the Twins in a turnaround 2017 season, and Topps will be there to commemorate it all.

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