Friday, June 5, 2015

What Happens To Oswaldo Arcia?

In recent seasons, the Minnesota Twins have been chastised for keeping players on their 25 man roster in somewhat of a scholarship situation. Veterans that have served their time have been given the benefit of doubt, regardless of the detriment to the team. With young players however, the Twins have made a point to make known that maturity is a priority. Miguel Sano was taught this, and now it appears Oswaldo Arcia is the latest project.

After spending a few weeks on the disabled list, the Twins activated Arcia and then promptly optioned him to Rochester. In somewhat of a surprising move, the Twins could point to Arcia's lack of production in Triple-A while on his rehab stint. Going 0-14 over that time span, he'd seemingly lost all ability to protect a strike zone.

Last night, the Twins Opening Day left fielding reached a tipping point. After being disgusted with a strike two call, and showing his displeasure to home plate umpire, he did this on the very next pitch:
There's little doubt that this isn't going to go over well with front office management for the Twins, and it likely isn't going to help shorten Arcia's time down on the farm. For all of the upside the young Venezuelan has, he has also become synonymous with a less than ideal attitude. No doubt the Twins want him to hit his way back to the big leagues, but the attitude has to follow suit.

Looking at Arcia and a return to the big leagues, that also brings into question what the Twins do with him. He's been brought up by many in regards to a trade. Whether that be because of declining performance, or the perceived log jam in the outfield, Arcia is consistently tied to being the odd man out. That being said, it would appear that following a strategy like that would be less than an ideal path to take.

Still with an affinity to chase pitches, and an unrefined swing, Oswaldo Arcia blasted 20 home runs in just 103 games last season for the Twins. In 97 games in 2013, Arcia hit 14 long balls. A big frame with plenty of power, Arcia projects as a guy who should hit 20 home runs with his eyes closed for the majority of the next few years. There's no doubt he needs to work on his approach as a whole, but there are far less reason for concern than seem to be discussed.

Prior to going on the DL this season, Arcia was hitting .276/.338/.379 with two home runs in 19 games for the Twins. Right now, his value could not be lower. Coming off of injury, struggling in Triple-A, and showing attitude issues, the Twins would only stand to lose in any deal involving the left-fielder.

There's no doubt the attitude issues can't continue, Arcia displayed plenty of it at the big league level as well. That aside however, his bat belongs at the big league level and playing for the Twins. Minnesota is not in a spot where it makes sense to trade Arcia, and for a team lacking power punch, he should be expected to provide it. Arcia's timeframe probably depends on him right now, but the Twins giving up on him should not be in the cards.

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