Friday, July 10, 2015

Now We Wait...

Brian Dozier was snubbed from the All Star Game for the second year in a row. Last season, Dozier had a breakout year but the vote to get him into the All Star Game was not meant to be. This time around, he's been the best second basemen in all of baseball, and his exclusion should be viewed as a problem for Major League Baseball.

There's plenty of evidence for Dozier's claim to the title of the best second basemen in the game. I recently took a deeper look at what some of those claims look like. On a stage meant to promote the growth of the sport, Ned Yost and Major League Baseball strikes out big time leaving one of the game's brightest stars on the sideline.

With Twitter exploding with the "Vote Dozier" hashtag on Friday, MLB must now count and decided whether it's yet another Royals player in Mike Moustakas or if the Twins will send Brian Dozier to Cincinnati. In the meantime, here's some of the best of what Twitter had to offer in #VoteDozier:

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