Friday, January 29, 2016

Twins Fest's Biggest Hidden Gem

For year Minnesota Twins fans have been embarking on the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, and now more recently, Target Field. While the event is an autograph seeker's dream, the purpose is more to bring community and baseball together during a cold period in the great white north. This season though, one of the best kept secrets of Twins Fest may be the most creative man in attendance. Enter Mike Chuhon, better known as S. Preston (or @PootPoot for those on Twitter).

S. Preston's story is one that has become intertwined with Minnesota Twins lore. The Star Tribune's own, Phil Miller was one of the first to highlight his work. Target Field's entrance to the Metropolitan Club was a canvas that S. Preston made his own. Minnesota welcomed him to their hosted All-Star game, and now he'll be a first time attendant at Twins Fest.

As a Major League Baseball licensed artist, S. Preston is in a league virtually of his own. What his minimalist ballparks have started, has only opened a door to so much more. From a new line of mascots, to ballpark princesses, his tie between art and love for the game of baseball is just beginning.
On the surface, it's very clear to see what S. Preston is working to depict. Taking well-known features from some of architectures greatest marvels, Major League Baseball stadiums, he brings the game to fans in a whole new way. Further though, the art is a depiction of how you as a fan involve yourself with the game. Whether a stadium or a Disney princess, the way in which we relate to the best sport on the planet is all our own. This notion is the driving force behind the work.

For those planning on getting down to Twins Fest this weekend, and you should be, a stop is not complete without a visit to S. Preston's booth. While the autograph on your newly acquired piece of artwork will no doubt be available there, it's the connection to the game, and the man that makes the art that much more memorable.

Should you be in attendance at Twins Fest, S. Preston's booth can be found in the Metropolitan Club on all three days of the event. If you will not be able to attend in person, all of S. Preston's art can be found and purchased at his website here.

Whether you fancy yourself an art collector or a baseball fan, the theme between the two avenues is one that can be merged. Experiencing a creativity that fully envelops what a sport means to you is something rarely accomplished. In it's purest form, it's exactly what S. Preston has done. Do yourself a favor and connect the game you love to artwork that is inspired by equally as much, you'll be glad you did.

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