Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Trade in Your Traditional Drinkware

With the trade deadline upon us in Major League Baseball, I thought it as good of a time as any to talk about an exciting company making waves on and off the diamond. Young Bat Company was established in 1993, and has been making quality lumber for more than two decades. One of their exciting newer products drew me in, but there's plenty more to like here.

Young Bat Company has become a household name when it comes to lumber for the dish. They offer six different types of custom bats, with a seventh variation in development. On top of crafting the right bat for each individual, they also have a line of team bats. Whether you're looking to outfit yourself or the whole squad, there's something here for everyone.

Off the diamond, Young Bat Company makes there mark with much more than the typical T-Shirt merchandise. Although you can proudly display their logo across your chest, it's the drinkware novelties that set this company apart.

Transforming baseball bats into other usable tools is far from a new practice. Young Bat Company offers everything from bottle openers to keychains and cutting boards. What takes them above the competition in this space however, is their bat mugs. Designed from the barrel of a baseball bat, the Young Bat Mug is not just a drinking utensil. Thanks to creative designs and top notch quality, representing your love for the game while having a cold drink has never been easier.

With the Young Bat Mug you've got options. The traditional option allows for customization. Pick your colors, engraving, and wood types to create your perfect souvenir. If you'd like to go the predetermined route, the Legend Bat Mug is for you. Pick from a handful of Hall of Famers to be intricately displayed on the heart of your new go to mug.

Whether looking for your next piece of lumber, a gift for yourself or someone special, or simply taking a second to browse, check out Young Bat Company's website today!