Friday, March 27, 2015

Out Of The Park Baseball 16 Hits A Home Run

Year after year, baseball fans gravitate towards one of two places to get their virtual fix of the diamond. On consoles, the PlayStation 4 is home to the MLB The Show series. Providing an unparalleled simulation experience on a gaming platform, The Show has become the gold standard. However, on the PC, Out of the Park Baseball has become synonymous with baseball beauty, and this year's version is no different.

Focusing more on the inning workings of the game than the excitement between the lines, Out of the Park Baseball 16 is a couch general manager's dream. With full Major League Baseball licensing for this season, the realism for the experience has only been cranked up a notch. From the immediate launch, the experience feels similar to veterans of the series, but you can also tell you're in for a treat.

As always, general managers are granted full control of the entire major league system. From the 25 man active roster all the way through the Dominican Rookie Leagues, Out of the Park Baseball 16 makes sure they have you covered. Rosters have been accurately refined to resemble their respective team's heading into the 2015 season. On top of making sure to include prospects from places both high and low, this years game also pushes the envelope with advanced development techniques.

Heading into a game, Out of the Park Baseball 16 has taken it up a notch as well. Using true to form ballparks, as well as different camera angles for play, the stadium feels more dimensional than ever before. From a strategical standpoint, the gameplay is advanced as well. With decisions ranging from how to handle an at bat, to where to employ a defensive shift, there's literally next to nothing that Out of the Park Baseball 16 didn't cover.

If you're in it for the long haul, and your goal as a general manager is to turn your respective team back into a perennial power, Out of the Park Baseball 16 has you covered as well. The new simulation feature allows you to pick a certain date to simulate to, and the long term sim feature allows you to focus on player development and team advancement. Taking someone from a division cellar to the World Series is now something that can be accomplished through a realistic time frame despite being substantial in game days.

At the end of the day, it's very obvious that Out of the Park Baseball 16 set out to create the greatest and most in depth baseball sim yet. Allowing the player to truly feel as though they are responsible for the failure or success of their franchise, the envelope has only been pushed this season. A word of warning however, there is no doubt that booting up this year's version will have you sinking hours upon hours into the action to accomplish your team goals. No matter how you look at it, Out of the Park Baseball 16 gets it done.

If you're looking for an on the go option, MLB Manager 2015 makes its debut on iOS and Android devices. A similar experience can be had while sacrificing some of the depth on a mobile platform. The experience is still backed by the Major League Baseball license, and for those who simply can't get enough of the in-depth simulation experience, this is a perfect avenue for you. Whether you are looking for a mobile baseball option, or want to play through the many historical seasons offered through MLB Manager 2015, at $4.99 it is a must own.

Make sure to check out Marketing Manager for OOTP Developments, Brad Cook, tonight on Twitch. He will be doing a live-stream demo of Out of the Park Baseball 16 with ESPN Producer Steve Katsoulis. The stream is set to kick off at 8pm central time and can be seen at

Out of the Park Baseball 16 is once again a can't miss experience for any diehard baseball fan, and the experience is sure to carry you throughout the season.