Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ready For The 3-2 Count

Sometimes you are presented with a crossroads in life, generally that point involves a difficult decision. Typically, it is in these moments that we as humans are able to grow the most. After writing for a few different websites over the past year, that crossroads was reached.

In an effort to turn the focus back towards quality over quantity, and write for the good of doing so, Off The Baggy has become my new home. You can still expect all things Minnesota Twins to take place here. The focus will be on analysis, editorials, and of course, opinion-focused subject matter. As the Twins barrel towards the conclusion of Spring Training, the 2015 Major League Baseball season represents a new opportunity for the home town club to excite.

As I look forward to the new platform to share views and thoughts surrounding the greatest game on earth, I also appreciate you being along for the journey.