Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sota Stick Goes Super Rosario

In Twins Territory, you have plenty of options when it comes to beat writers, bloggers, and baseball coverage. Being focused on the hometown team, I can't speak for other organizations, but what Twins fans are offered seems like some of the best in the business. Fortunately, you can also support your favorite baseball team through shopping with local outfitters. SotaStick Co is one of the best boutique clothing brands to display your Minnesota sports pride.

From their official about us page, SotaStick Co says, "SotaStick Co. was created by a hockey player with a broken wood hockey stick looking for a fun way to open his bottle of beer. The original SotaStick Co. hockey stick bottle opener was created during the winter of 2015 and the brand launched in 2016. The brand name takes the "sota" out of Minnesota and the "stick" out of Hockey Stick. We teamed up with a group of local artists and illustrators when the brand launched in 2016 to create original artwork that is featured on our apparel and man cave artwork." 
With the Twins currently playing up and down baseball, no player has given Paul Molitor's club a spark more than outfielder Eddie Rosario. Now deemed fully powered-up by SotaStick Co, the Super Rosario shirt has hit their online marketplace. As the expected representative for the Twins in the 2018 MLB All Star Game, Rosario's season has been nothing short of exceptional. The premium tee would be an awesome way to show off the Twins star and you can grab yours here.

SotaStick Co should be a must stop shop for all your Minnesota sports apparel needs. You can always click the link here on the main page at Off The Baggy, or check them out on Twitter at @SotaStickCo. Stay tuned to my Twitter @tlschwerz for a giveaway in the not-so-distant future.