Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Keeping Up With Twins Picks

The 2017 Major League Baseball draft is well underway, and the Minnesota Twins are working towards building up their farm system. Looking for impact players that turn into long term prospects, Derek Falvey and Thad Levine get their first shot at running the show. Through the process, it's the players selected that watch their lives change in an instant, and keeping up with them is what makes this process fun.

As the draft continues, and eventually concludes, you'll be able to find the names, schools, and channels to connect with these future Twins right here. Welcome them to Twins Territory, get to know their story, and dive into how they can help the organization take the next step.

Here we go...

Round 1, Pick 1- Royce Lewis SS JSerra Catholic High School Interview
Competitive Balance A, Pick 35- Brent Rooker OF Mississippi State @Brent_Rooker19 Interview
Round 2, Pick 37- Landon Leach RHP Pickering High School @l_leach Interview
Round 3, Pick 76- Blayne Enlow RHP St. Amant High School @BlayneBlaynee Interview
Round 4, Pick 106- Charlie Barnes LHP Clemson @charliebarnes5
Round 5, Pick 136- Andrew Bechtold 3B Chipola College @bechtold5
Round 6, Pick 166- Ricardo De La Torre SS Puerto Rico Baseball Academy @rdelatorre_1
Round 7, Pick 196- Ryley Widell LHP Central Arizona College @ryleyr002
Round 8, Pick 226- Bryan Sammons LHP Western Carolina @bryan_sammons32
Round 9, Pick 256- Mark Contreras OF UC Riverside
Round 10, Pick 286- Calvin Faucher RHP UC Irvine
Round 11, Pick 316- Gabriel Rodriguez OF Adela Rolon Fuentes
Round 12, Pick 346- Bailey Ober RHP College of Charleston @baileyOB_17
Round 13, Pick 376- Jared Akins OF Fresno State @jaredalexanderr
Round 14, Pick 406- Derek Molina RHP Merced Col @_derekmolina22
Round 15, Pick 436- Rickey Ramirez RHP Fresno State
Round 16, Pick 466- Cade Smith RHP Mennonite Educational Inst
Round 17, Pick 496- Andrew Cosgrove C North Carolina State @thekidcosgrove
Round 18, Pick 526- Colton Burns CF UC Santa Barbara @Coltonburnss
Round 19, Pick 556- Jordan Gore SS Coastal Carolina @jordangore3
Round 20, Pick 586- Tyler Gray RHP U Central Arkansas @tgray08
Round 21, Pick 616- Colton Waltner C University of San Diego @ColtonWaltner25
Round 22, Pick 646- Christian Broussard RHP Cal St Los Angeles
Round 23, Pick 676- Jared Finkel RHP Iona Col
Round 24, Pick 706- T.J. Dixon OF Samford U @tdixon_2
Round 25, Pick 736- Carson Crites 2B Southeastern Louisiana U @CarsonCrites
Round 26, Pick 766- Jordan Spicer RHP Polk State College @IAMJaySpice
Round 27, Rick 796- Chandler Taylor RF Alabama @7aylor_Made
Round 28, Pick 826- Joe Record RHP UC Santa Barbara @JoeRecord_
Round 29, Pick 856- Griffin Roberts RHP Wake Forest @Griff_Roberts
Round 30, Pick 886- Alex Robles RHP Austin Peay @R_Alex5
Round 31, Pick 916- Luke Miller 3B Indiana
Round 32, Pick 946- Nick Brown RHP Col of William and Mary
Round 33, Pick 976- J.J. Robinson 1B Lewis-Clark St Col
Round 34, Pick 1006- Max Meyer RHP Woodbury High School @mxmeyer22
Round 35, Pick 1036- Adam Oviedo SS Alvarado High School @adam_oviedo
Round 36, Pick 1066- Josh McMinn RHP Oral Roberts U @JoshM_OK
Round 37, Pick 1096- Patrick Bailey C Wesleyan Christian Academy
Round 38, Pick 1126- Benjamin Rodriguez C Pepperdine U
Round 39, Pick 1156- Jonny DeLuca OF Agoura High School
Round 40, Pick 1186- Austin Bizzle RHP Alabama St U @BizNasty_8